We are excited to announce that client invoice portal now supports invoice preview. This means that in addition to your customizable invoice summary portal that your client use to pay outstanding invoices online, your clients can now also view and print invoices right from the portal.

Helping our clients to present themselves in a professional way and continuously providing them with the tools that boost cash flow and get paid faster through automating the entire invoice to cash process, are one of the major goals here at Acclux.

Here’s how.

1- Login to your Acclux accounting and go to settings.
2- Let’s first check the invoice template and make sure the design is reflecting your brand, so you can get paid by your clients efficiently. You can use Acclux invoice built-in templates or create your unique one from scratch [See How!].
Create professional invoice with acclux
3- While you are at the settings page. Go to the [Invoice Portal] to check the design. The customizable portal is part of your marketing strategy. A properly designed invoice portal can increase your level of professionalism.
Client Invoice Portal to get paid online with acclux and paypal

Ta-da! Now you have an invoice preview part of your invoice portal!

To get the most out of your invoice preview new feature, we suggest testing it first by exporting your invoice to a PDF version, also make sure your PayPal configuration already in place before start sending invoices to your clients and remember you can always check your outgoing mail server configurations from the setting page.

If you need some help in customizing your invoice and start impressing your clients. Reach us and we will be happy to work with you.

If you are not an acclux accounting user, you can try it today and enjoy 14-day free trial of a complete accounting & project management software that’s easy to use.

Start your free trial

Want to know more?
Get more information about acclux accounting
Get more information about acclux accounting & PayPal online payment

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5 Ways to streamline your services operations

Whether you have 10 employees or 5,000; leading service businesses around the globe realized the value of boosting teamwork in the workplace through collaboration and bringing a team together and how this can decrease non-billable bench time, improve project management, automate billing and invoicing process, and optimize revenue and profitability reporting.

While for many services organizations, finding the right balance between improving communications by giving their team the tools to work across multiple projects and adapting the right resource and project management that will help to increase visibility, improve delivery with higher quality.

Several questions need answers with current or the next project and resource management solution that your services organization will adopt and it is also an indicator for something we can (or we should) fix. Here are a few things you can do to streamline your services operations.

1 – Increase Client Involvement and Streamline Experience
Deepen your current project management solution; giving your client access to detailed project status reports, exception reports and project status summaries give clients the information they need to remain proactively involved and up to date on project progress, so the whole team can work together in one place.

2- Manage Resources Globally and Build The Right Team
In today’s global economy, it only makes sense that the right resources should make up a project team, regardless of their physical location and time zone. Having your project management solution able to manage a dynamic, global pool of resources, from one, central cloud solution will help your team to function like they are sitting around the same table. This will give you a great visibility and streamline your business decisions.

3- Reconsider Your Time Entries Process and Go Mobile
Manage time sheets to the level of detail required by each unique project, time entries don’t have to stop just because you and your team are out of the office. Ensure your project management solution offers Online, Offline, or Mobile timesheet entry. This will ensure a real-time updating of project status and results against key deliverables.

4- Integrate You Expenses Management with Your Project and Accounting Solution
Get a full spend visibility by tracking each and every expense at the project and task level. This will increase your billable hours by better managing all your working hours and make sure your solution investment can manage multiple currencies because you don’t know when and where your expense will occur.

5- Increase Your Cash Flow Turnover
Project quotation, budgeting, cost control and manage complex invoicing and billing; service orders and contracts are all complex tasks every service organization encounter, however making sure your current accounting and project management solution can easily and efficiently capable to automate billing rules, ensure expenses are accurately captured and timely billed to your clients is a breakthrough feature can increase your quote-to-cash cycle and improve cash flow.

If you found these steps useful, I encourage you to check out “How to select the right project management solution” where you will find great tips help you to be smarter in selecting your next enterprise critical tools.

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Financial budgeting and planning 101: Getting Started (Part 2)

This is the second in a series of blog posts about Financial budgeting and planning 101: Getting Started.

IN the first post (Part 1), we discussed what’s budgeting and all the benefits related to the financial planning as we are going forward.

Some Preliminary steps
Length of the budget period, before creating a budget, we will need to decide the period of time that the budget need to be developed over. The budget period is not necessarily one year in length and it may be prepared for any period time.

Sales forecast, logically we should start by the sales forecast when developing our budget as all the other types of expenses depend on the sales estimate. While some expenses could have a direct relationship on influencing the amount of sales, company policies could also affect the sales volume too, therefore, it represents management best estimate of sales revenue over a specific period of time. These types of plans will inspire management to a higher level of performance that leads to thinking about the future and seeking the reasons for better company sales and achievements.

Expense forecast, Predicating expenses will be much easier if we understood the expense behavior patterns. It is possible to classify expenses while generating the budget into three categories fixed, variable and semi-variable.

  • A fixed expense is the one that does not change with changes in volume and they remains the same within the “relevant range”. Rent and salaries as an example that could be classified as a fixed cost as they remain the same within the range of requirements determined by the volume and capacity.
  • A variable expense on the other hand is the one that changes correspondingly to the volume. Advertising is an example of a variable expense. Research and development could also consider a variable expense.
  • A semi-variable expense is the one that shares both fixed and variable behaviors. Think of it when you pay your salespeople. There are a fixed salary and commissions based on sales.

Preparing the Budget
Budgeting is more of a managerial tool than accounting tool. However, the budgeting process uses the company accounting system and it requires to understand the nature of revenue and expenses in order to generate an achievable budget. Using the company financial records. Businesses can obtain historical data that can be useful in formulating future budget goals.

Well, we can use this free budget template to prepare the financial budget, however, we will use acclux accounting budgeting capability for several reasons. First, it will help us to automate the entire accounting and management planning into one place so. We can save time and effort later while we are preparing for the reports. Second Acclux accounting on the cloud this will increase collaboration and team communication between the team members and will enable us to get reviews from remote accountant and advisors too. Finally, the real-time capability will ensure we can always evaluate performance on a regular basis.

To be continued… Stay tuned to our blog for part 3 of Financial budgeting and planning 101 series.

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Why Dropbox fully integrated with Acclux accounting

Dropbox is modern cloud storage that lets you store your files online, sync them to all your devices, and share them easily. While, all these features sound outstanding there is one thing that can transform your business and help your team to engage and collaborate in a new way.

Imagine for a second, these digital assets which available to you everywhere are connected to the right project and accessible to all your team members to collaborate on them from every device. Sound interesting right?

The cloud has shifted the way that business interact with technology, raise the bar and bring new possibilities to manage and run today’s business. With this amazing cloud document management solution that’s fully integrated with your financial and project management back office your productivity and collaboration has no limits.

Why DropBox ?
Free Storage: Dropbox offers free storage up to 2GB, with the chance to increase that up to 16GB free by referring others.
Sync It Up: Dropbox offers comprehensive software to sync your files for Mac, Windows or Linux.
Security: Dropbox for Business uses strong cipher encryption for file data in transit and at rest, as well as file segmentation and hashing to anonymize files.

How Does it work with Acclux Accounting?

  • Connect your DropBox account to Acclux accounting.
  • Enable digital assets for your projects and jobs.
  • Upload your digital assets from Acclux accounting.
  • Your team now can collaborate and engage from everywhere, anytime using Acclux accounting.

Here are the instructions to try it out:
1. Go to Settings > Files to activate DropBox first.
2. Activate your DropBox account by entering your Dropbox username and password.
3. Go to Settings > Project/Job Settings and check [enable digital assets].
4. To upload an asset for your project/job. Go to Project/Job and select the project/job that you want to manage assets for.

Congratulation, now your DropBox drive in connected and ready to use.

5. An [Assets] button will be added to the action bar. Click on the button.
6. You and your team can start managing and collaborating digital assets for your projects/jobs.

Once you’ve had set it up and you start to managing your files from Acclux accounting. You can provide feedback to us.

Want to know more?
Get more information about acclux accounting
Get more information about dropbox 

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Capital budgeting decisions: 2 tips for leaders

In today’s globalized information economy, fast decisions are more important than ever to drive business success. Forward-thinking enterprises are taking opportunities to a whole new level by continuously searching for new ideas or additional line of business that complement their offering and differentiate them from the competition.

And when management wants to invest in the new big thing that requires a huge investment—but the rewards potentially tremendous. Knowledge and collaboration can play a big role in effectively and efficiently, helping them in making such capital expenditure decisions.

Whether they are going to build new labs, hiring scientists, researching prototype or acquiring an entirely new venture. Planning for Capital Investments often has a significant impact on a company’s future profitability. In fact, poor capital budgeting decisions can cost a lot of money and lead to poor financial position.

But where do we start? What do we read? What should we learn?

First, what’s capital budgeting means? It is a process used by companies for evaluating and choosing among various capital projects to find the one(s) that will deliver high return on investment (ROI).

Here are two things you should have in place to make your budgeting decisions more effective.

Having an evaluation process.
This is an important one to start with if you want to successfully plan your next capital investment, think of it as the backbone or the path that your organization will follow when they do capital budgeting. A good capital budgeting project plan is the one that connects people with one another more easily and leverage information and insights of different departments in one place.

Cloud project management solution can help you to accomplish this task effectively, it lets you set your evaluation process with priories, work with various people at various levels in the company, and breaks down the organizational and geographic boundaries so your organization can take the right decision.

Understanding your cash flow very well
The value of all financial investments is determined by the value of cash flows received and paid. While, cash flow information may not be accessible or available in real scenarios, having a system that generate real-time cash flow statement will provide a valuable inputs that are considered relevant in capital budgeting decisions.

Of course, no successful capital investment project would be complete without the risk associated with it and how certain are the projected returns? Have your numbers ready in place that easy to share with your board members will help in your next investment project regardless of the technique that you will use to evaluate your capital investments. So there you go. A two things to help you start planning your next big investment.

Discovered something that could help others? Share what’s worked for you!

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Get a Sneak Peek of Our New Integration feature

Interested in checking out our new integration feature? Get a sneak peek before we release the entire new version to the public and share your feedback with us to make it better.

Here’s the deal, we will release acclux accounting version 2.2 in August 2015, with the new version we’ve included a number of great features and improvements in different areas of the platform. One of the areas that we focused on in this revamped version of acclux accounting is the capability to print domestic and international labels that are fully integrated with the core of the financial and management side of your business. We’re hoping our community can help us make sure it’s the best shipping integration on the Web.

With integration, acclux accounting users can compare rates, purchase postage and track packages from within the acclux platform. Acclux accounting users will be able to verify the address against the master USPS database (Improve package deliverability) and print USPS shipping labels for domestic and international destinations. Additional features such as postage rate discounts, hidden postage and return shipping labels will also be available to acclux accounting users too.

Here’s how it works:

  • Connect your account to acclux accounting.
  • Check your balance and buy postage that is fully integrated with your financial records.
  • Print domestic and international labels from acclux accounting.
  • Track your shipment and send personalized follow up emails with templates all from acclux accounting.

Here are the instructions to try it out:

1. Go to Settings > Shippers to activate first.
2. Activate your (USPS) account by entering your username and password.
3. Go to Settings > Shipping Address to add [from to] addresses.
4. Enter the [FROM TO] address, you can add multiple [from to] addresses as you need. To add a new address, on the Actions toolbar, choose New, and fill out the form and click the button.
5. To print international labels you have to enable job [Items] first from the Job Settings form. Go to Settings > Project Settings and check [Include Item details].

Congratulation, now you can start print labels from acclux accounting.

6. To print labels. Go to jobs and select the job you want to print a label for it.
7. A [print label] button will be added to the action bar. Choose print label.
8. A domestic or international label will be generated automatically for you based on the destination address of your client.
9. Enter the weight and the type of service you want to ship your package with. And click Print.

Once you’ve had set it up and you start to print your USPS labels from acclux accounting. You can provide feedback to us here.

Project Deadlines: What’s broken, your system or your processes?

Have you ever wondered why I’m not meeting my project deadlines? Do you ever want to know what’s wrong and stop blaming your employees and your project manager for deadlines and timesheet? Organizations large and small have a project management problem. Requirements changes at all levels. Project scope not specific enough, so many projects into production at once, systems outdated, lack of communications and collaboration between people and data.

While, project management should be the fix for every broken business process, it becomes the hassle that needs a cure.

Let’s improve two areas by making smarter decisions through actions.

Scale your processes efficiently and choose wisely.
Technology can empower you to simplify business processes, connect your employees and streamline projects by bringing customers, vendors and your team member together. It is a valuable thing for any business to find the right solution that help them stay agile, while the cloud technology helping business to grow and meet deadlines however, to maximize your return on investment, focusing your effort to adapt a solution that deliver one powerful experience across all departments can reduce costs and increase productivity that scale your impact across the entire organization.

Don’t babysit. Your employees want flexibility
Collaborations are the core of success and growth of any organization, while you can think about your project plan and deadlines as your bible however, you can imagine your business in a modern way and give your employees the capability to choose where and when they work. Make it easy for them to focus on goals and objectives. While the rest of the world is interconnected today most of the organizations struggling to move forward.

The best part you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to collaboration and job management. There are several tools can help you to move your business into the modern world and overcomes all the obstacles and barriers to meet deadlines and give you the opportunity to introduce an amazing result.

P.S. – If you liked this post, be sure to check out our “How to select the right project management solution for your small business: 6 features must have” post!

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